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The following are the value adds of adding myON to AR:

  1. Wider Access to Reading. The purpose of AR is to engage and motivate kids in prolific independent reading practice that is precisely personalized to their reading level and interests and offers abundant student-directed choice around what they want to read. Many schools and libraries though are dated and have limited funding to enhance and update collections – particularly non-fiction titles and/or to provide a variety of class sets. Many low income students have few if any books in the home.  myON expands access with over 6,000 titles, giving every student simultaneous access 24/7 so practice can happen at home, school, the school bus, the library. Most of the books in the myON core library are linked directly to AR quizzes!
  1. Balance of Print and Digital Reading Practice. Today’s students are 21st Century learners who must be proficient at both print and digital reading for college and career. It is important to support reading practice that builds the skills unique to each of these mediums. AR offers students the choice to check out print books, take them home and read. myON allows students to download digital books for reading on or offline at schools or home and has additional tools and features to interact with the text and build both digital and overall literacy skills. Since most of the myON core titles have AR quizzes, monitoring of both print and digital reading practice can be done in one place.
  1. Increase Engagement and Motivation. AR users appreciate the 200,000 quizzes over virtually any title a child might want to read. myON enhances the motivation by providing more choices. They can choose what they want to read, how they want to read it and when they want to read. Users of both products together have seen significant increases in the amount of time they are reading.
  1. Deeper Data Insights. AR provides teachers and students with real-time data that allows for daily checks on growth and progress towards goals. The reading done in myON adds a new dimension and insight into how the students are reading in addition to how well they are reading. The data in myON shows:

Are students reading? When are they reading? What are they Reading? What are their preferences? What words are they looking up? How many words have they read? Which books did they finish and which did they abandon?