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No Tuition - "Back to Basics"


Arizona ELA Standards

Reading (Social Studies & Science)

  1. McGraw - Hill Wonders ELA

  2. Galileo and Quarterly Benchmark Testing

  3. Tampa Reads (k, 1st and 2nd)

  4. Avenues K-5th for any El students or supplemental

  5. Insight for 6th and any EL students or supplemental

  6. MacMillian books (informational text) - Reading & Social Studies

  7. SRA science materials & DVD's (informational material) - Reading & Science


  1. McGraw - Hill Grammar ELA

  2. McGraw-Hill Spelling/Vocabulary Workbooks

  3. McGraw-Hill Fluency


  1. McGraw - Hill Writing


  1. Triumph Learning Support Materials (2nd)

Arizona Mathematic Standards

  1. McGraw-Hill My Math K-5th, Glencoe 6th

  2. Curriculum based weekly tests

  3. Reteach determined by benchmark scores

Daily Work

Lesson Plans from the teacher include the entire curriculum following the school grade level curriculum mapping.

Benchmark Tests

  1. Galileo K-6th

  2. McGraw-Hill

  3. AZELLA for EL students only

Computer Programs

  1. Mavis Beacon K-6th (typing)

  2. Renaissance Pace: Accelerated Reading "AR" (Reading Comprehension 1st-6th (reading)

  3. McGraw-Hill ELA/ConnectED K-6th (reading)

  4. Reading Eggs K-3rd & Reading Eggspress 3rd-6th (reading)

  5. Math Seeds K-3 (math)

  6. Prodigy 1st-6th (math)

  7. Moby Max ELA K-6th (Reading, Math, Social Studies & Science) 

  8. BrainPOP K-6th (Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts and Music, Health and SEL, Engineering and News)

Quarterly Benchmark Assessments

  1. Galileo: Reading, Writing, Math, and Science for 3rd and 4th Grades

  2. MCGraw-Hill My Math k-5th, Glencoe 6th

  3. McGraw-Hill Reading/Writing/Language

Weekly Assessments

  1. McGraw-Hill Reading, Language and Writing - Reading Wonders Comprehension Test

  2. MCGraw-Hill My Math k-5th, Glencoe 6th

  3. Spelling

SEL Social and Emotional Learning

  1. Sanford Harmony

  2. Character 1st Program

McGraw Hill - Reading Books, Glenco Reading, Connect Ed (an online support for reading and math)