CONCERT April 2019

April 18, 2019

2:00 pm School Concert & 6:00 pm Night Performance
Long dark pants, white shirt, dark socks and dark shoes

(1 )   Welcome to our concert. All 4 of our orchestras will perform for you. Most of the songs are from the Violin Suzuki book 1.
(2 ) The Beginning Orchestra will play DADEGAD. This song demands full bows.



(3 )   Our next song is called "Lightly Row".
(4 )   It is an important song to set finger positions on the A string.

Lightly Row (#2 in the Violin Suzuki Book 1)

(5 )   The beginning class has been taught all of the first 9 songs in the Violin Suzuki Book 1.
(6 )   Some of our more advanced students will play Perpetual Motion.
(7 )   It is a requirement to get into advanced orchestra.
(8 )   This is a very difficult song.

Perpetual Motion - #9 in the Violin Suzuki Book

(9 )   We will now play #3, "Song of the Wind".   It begins with Mr. Wyler's favorite 2 measures. It begins with an open A, then A1, A2, A3 and E sequentially.
(10 )   Learning to read and play the notes is an important part of our general music program that includes learning the violin. Jorge will demonstrate the first 2 measures.
(11 )   Demonstration
(12 )   "Song of the Wind" will be our last song. The Intermediate Orchestra will be next.
(13 )   Our Beginning Orchestra will play again at the end of the concert with the other orchestras.

Song of the Wind - #3 in the Violin Suzuki Book 1

(14 )   Let's give the Beginning Students another round of applause.
(15 )   The Intermediate class is entering the stage. They will begin by playing DADEGAD.
(16 )   All the orchestras will play again at the end of the concert.
(17 in Character)   The intermediate class will begin with DADEGAD.
(18 in Character)   DADEGAD is played on all of the open strings and emphasizes big bows.



(19 )   Number 2 in the Violin Suzuki Book is an important song. It is essential for placement of the fingers on the A string.

(20 )   This song is primarily on the A string.

Lightly Row (#2 in the Violin Suzuki Book 1)

(21 )   The Intermediate Orchestra will play #9, Perpetual Motion.
(22 )   This is one of the requirements to get into the Advanced Orchestra.
(23 )   Alejandro will demonstrate a little of #9 and Minuette 1. Both are requirements for the Advanced Orchestra.
(24 )   Alejandro demonstration.

Perpetual Motion - #9 in the Violin Suzuki Book

(25 )   The next song is a folk song that is know around the world.
(26 )   This song starts with Mr. Wyler's favorite 2 measures. DeMonte will demonstate this for us.
(27 )   Demonstration.
(28 )   This will be our last number of the Intermediate Orchestra.

Song of the Wind - #3 in the Violin Suzuki Book 1

(29 )   Let's give the Intermediate Orchestra another round of applause. The Advanced Orchestra will begin by playing "Perpetual Motion".
(30 )   This song is a prerequisite for getting into the Advanced Orchestra.

Advanced Orchestra

Perpetual Motion

(31 )   The Advanced Orchestra will now perform "Star Wars". This will be the last song of the Advanced Orchestra.
(32 )   The Super Strings will play next. Many of the Advanced Orchestra students are now playing some of the Super Strings songs.

(33 )   The Super Strings will play a faster version of "Perpetual Motion".

(34 )   This is #9 in the Suzuki Book 1.


Perpetual Motion - Revised

(35 )   Our next song is  Axel Folley .
(36 )   This song is extremely difficult but fun to play.

Axel - Revised

(37 )   We will now play Minuette 3.
(38 )   This also uses the more advanced key signature.
(39 )   Minuette 3 uses one sharp in the key signature which makes this song more difficult to play well.

(40 )   Minuet 2 is an extremely difficult song.
(41 )   Those that can play it will perform it while the others will be in concert position.

(42 )   The Super Strings will now play Minuet 1.
(43 )   This song uses an advanced Key Signature that requires students to play low 2nd on the A string and high 2nd on the D string.
(44 )   This is the last song of the Super Strings. All of the Orchestras will perform our final 3 songs.

Minuet 1 (A A B A A) Long Version+

(44 - in character)   All of our orchestra students are getting into position for our final 3 songs.
(45 - in character)   They will begin with performing Mr. Wyler's version of DADEGAD.
(46 - in character)  : We hope to see everyone attend our play of Aladdin May 10th, 11th, and 12th.
(47 - in character)   Ticket sales for the play will begin Tuesday.


DADEGAD Finale Version

Intro - - - DADEGAD 3 times - - middle - D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D  
- - DADEGAD 1 more time - - - - D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D  

(48 )   The 2nd song is a special arrangement by Mr. Wyler of "Star Wars".
(49 )   This song is especially difficult, especially for beginning and intermediate strings.

Star Wars

(50 )   We have one more song to perform for you tonight.
(51 )   This is an arrangement Mr. Wyler made of Transformers.
(52 )   It teaches low 2nd on both the D string and the A Strong.

(53 )   Please give the students another round of applause.
(54 )   Thank you for coming. Refreshment will be served outside by the benches.
(55 )   Students need to put their vests and ties away neatly. Thank you for coming and have a nice evening.