446 E Broadway, Mesa, AZ 85204
Founded in 1996 K-6 Elementary Charter School
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No Tuition - "Back to Basics"




School is Monday thru Friday

Office Hours 7:00am-4:30pm

Breakfast 7:20-7:50am (qualified NSLP or paid)

The Gate opens at 7:20am

School Hours 8:00am - 3:00pm

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

In 1776 The United States of America declared Independence
from England (July 4, 1776)


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Prodigy Education (CNW Group/Prodigy Education)

The school has been sanitized and thoroughly cleaned

New Horizon School for the Performing Arts has gone through an extensive cleaning and sanitization process.  All rooms have had detailed cleaning of walls, ceilings, vents, light fixtures, books, computers, computer stations, etc.  Air Conditioning has been upgraded including cleaning of coils, replacement of air filters, and adding UV AIR SCRUBBERS.  Air scrubbers have been found effective in reducing viruses, bacteria and other germs and have been installed in all air conditioning units at the school.  

Because hand washing is so important, the school has installed seven additional hand washing stations.  Hand washing will be required many times throughout the day with hand sanitizer provided.

Proper care at home is emphasized.  If students are sick they are to stay home.

Temperatures will be taken at the gate or through the office as a student or adult arrived. 

Help with Afghanistan Evacuation

The best reading support you can give your child is to read daily AND nightly. A suggested 20 minutes a day is great, more is even better.

GENERAL INFORMATION:     Many charter schools "rent" space in a facility. New Horizon is in complete ownership of the facility. The professional lighting and sound in the dance room (cultural hall) are quite extraordinary. The basket ball court outside is also a volleyball court. The park across the street (north) gives students room to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors at recess and at lunch time. Hot lunches are also part of the New Horizon School program. New Horizon is a certified "PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL" sponsored by the Arizona Charter Board. The school was started in the Fall of 1996.

Free Breakfast and Lunch Program for Qualified Students (NSLP).
High Speed Internet, Closed Circuit TV Broadcasting, A Computer Lab with 30 Stations, Professional Lighting & Sound, Computers in Every Classroom and much more.

NHSPA Special Education
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts continues to provide Special Education services for students with an IEP during the Covid-19 school shutdown. The Learning Packets developed for the special education students (academics and speech/language) will NOT be posted on the NHSPA website due to privacy and confidentiality concerns (FERPA). The learning packets made by Mrs Carol and Ms Jasmin are attached to your student’s classroom packet made available to you at the NHSPA office.
Please contact our NHSPA Special Education Director, Tammy Boe-Kipp (
(480) 694.3844), if you have any questions or concerns.

NHSPA Educación Especial
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts continúa brindando servicios de educación especial para estudiantes con un IEP durante el cierre de la escuela Covid-19. Los paquetes de aprendizaje desarrollados para los estudiantes de educación especial (académicos y del habla / lenguaje) NO se publicarán en el sitio web de NHSPA debido a preocupaciones de privacidad y confidencialidad (FERPA). Los paquetes de aprendizaje hechos por la Sra. Carol y la Sra. Jasmin se adjuntan al paquete de la clase de su estudiante que se pone a su disposición en la oficina de NHSPA.
Comuníquese con nuestro Director de Educación Especial de NHSPA, Tammy Boe-Kipp (
(480) 694.3844), si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud.


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